Party Manifesto

The Constitution of CDP/Xisbiga Dimoqoraadiga Danwadaag
1. The name of the Party should be known as the Cosmopolitan Democratic Party. The Party will be colloquially refer to as “Danwadaag”
2.The Party should protect and honourt the sovereignty of Somalia
3.The Party recognises all its citizence as equal citizens of the Stateand that all citizens should have equal opportunity to all aspects of governingthe society. The Party believes in a one-man one-vote democratic system.
4,Equal basic rights and liberties shoud be respected and upheldfor all citizens.
5.No individual should be favoured or discriminated against purely on accident of birth as the individualhas no control over the circumstances in which they were born into.
6.The individual has the right to persue happiness as they see fit, without inflicting harm on others. The state holds a universal moral value to protect the individual life, liberty and property from harm without sacrificing an individual to benefit a group.
7.Every individual ownes his or her own bodyand their labour. Therefore they have the right to conduct physical work, ability to think freely and should be able to choose their own spouse without fear of persecution
8. An individual has the right to own property and neither the state nor other groups have the right to remove an individual from their own property as long as the proberty has been obtained legitimately within the sanctions of the law.
9.It is the responsibility of the goverment to protect the rights of the individual and to take actions against anyone that abuses the constitutional rights of others.
10.The state should establish all the institutions that governs a country. All states within the Federal Somali Govenment should live in peace and harmony and any boarder dispute must be solved diplomatically and peacefully through dialouge.
11.The Federal Somali Government should exist in peace and harmony with its neighbouring sovereign states.
12.The state will endeavour to provide adequate security and protect its citizens from terrorizm by any means necessary.
13.The party encourages investors and economic growth, multiculturalism and to foster an atmosphere of diversity and harmony.
14.The party has the right to own property for offices, meetings and functional venues only, The party itself will have to hold a vote for a leadershipto to be won by majority.
15.The party must invest time into educating the youth as they will be the next generation to bring about and uphold a responsible society.
16.War must be the last resort and can only be declared by the majority of the sitting government